Recruitment processes that provide

the right skills in the right place

Talento International is a company with years of experience in providing small, large, domestic, and international companies with professional and qualified staff.

About Talento

Talento International is one of Intertalento Resource Agency AB’s concepts. To deliver a flexible service solution for staffing. We streamline and optimize staffing in your business. Through thorough recruitment processes and the development of strategies for your staffing needs.

We have extensive flexibility. With a staffing pool of over 100 consultants, we are better able to provide you with a more personalized solution to meet your staffing needs.
Our reputation for consistently providing reliable qualified staff when and where you need them makes us the first choice.
Do you need staff at short notice or for an extended period? For us it’s no challenge, we make your work situation easier.

What does Talento really bring to a market that already has several established staffing companies?

Our staff is incredibly motivated as 80% of all employees are university students or recent graduates. We put extra effort into finding the right people for each assignment.

This is how we work

For us, it is important that the customer knows what we have to offer, so it is also important that they get an insight into how we work. Once we have found the right person for a specific request, we then make sure to bring that person and the customer together.

  • The basis for a successful recruitment:
  • Customer Analysis
  • Interviews
  • Tests
  • References

In every recruitment process we always conduct more than one interview.

Staff For Your Needs

We always strive for diversity and equality. Our main objective is to ensure customer benefit and experience to every extent possible. We work to make it easier for you.